The Power of the Closed Door

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Why Closed Doors Can BeJust as Thrilling as Opened Ones

I have a real fascination about doors. Not just any door, but the architecturally intriguing doors of old and even the newer, sleek modern doors of tomorrow. When I was in Paris this past Spring, I took a picture of every breathtaking door I came across just because I adored them so much!But what’s more incredible to me than a door’s stunning design is what it represents: opportunity. A new doorway to walk through is intriguing. A new career opportunity. A fresh business. That book we always wanted to write and now we see that path forward to get it done. Who’s inside that door – who will we meet in there? What will we see and what will we learn? If that’s what we want – to explore what’s inside the newly opened door – then shouldn’t a…

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