Happy Anniversary, You Bastard!

Love this blog!! As a person surviving cancer I can relate. This is great!

Capable Fitness

On September 17th, at 9:00 am, give or take a minute or two, it will be exactly one year ago that I heard the words from my GI’s mouth: “I found cancer”. I was in disbelief. Not exactly a novel reaction. Whether you have no signs of the disease and are blindsided, like me, or just have your suspicions confirmed due to symptoms you are experiencing, I reckon you’re still horrified with the diagnosis. You’d be a real unruffled cucumber,  or  Kristen Stewart, if you just sat there with no emotion ….


We all like to think we are unique and special snowflakes, amiright???? I’m certain, however, that I was the very opposite of unique when I was absorbing the information being given to me. I could tell by my GI’s face that I was responding in pretty much the same way her cancer positive patients had in the past. When…

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