Surprise! I’m Not Perfect 1-24-16

I went to church today as usual. I attempted to understand what “the mumbler” (father Mario) was trying to say & my mind began to wander. He did however capture my attention when he spoke of helping the poor, the homeless & the needy. As you know, I’m very passionate about that. I know that often times some of you may think I have this holier than now mentality but In truth I know I’m the furthest thing from that. I’m a sinner just like everyone else. Today is an example. Rather than listen to the homily my mind was thinking of other things like what to wear. What to pack.

I walked up to take the sacrament & when I drank the wine I felt like just drinking the whole thing & saying “party on Garth!” I’m sharing this because I’m not perfect. I know that. I can admit that also. None of us are but I’m trying every day. Today was just an example of how imperfect I am. Seriously who would consider drinking all the sacrament?! Guilty! Me!! I’m not perfect in anything I do but I’m trying. 
A week or so ago I received a nasty message from someone on Facebook. It was so nasty I deleted the post. I don’t feel the need to have toxic people or toxic messages in my life. My response to that individual is this. “I may not be perfect, but neither are you. The difference between you and I is this. I can admit it!” 
I will continue doing my best striving to be a better person everyday but as I try I can’t promise there won’t be days when I hurt someone’s feelings, say the wrong thing, behave a little caddy or worse have a strong desire to drink the entire sacrament at church but I can promise I will forever and always keep on being me. I may not be all that but the lord thinks I am so that’s got to count for something!! 😀


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