Fierce Fabulous Funny- Surviving Life’s Little Surprises

This is day 2 of Word Press’s Blogging 101. The assignment is to change our tag line to reflect our personality. I have opted not to change my tag line and this is why. 

I am fierce. I am fabulous. I am funny. That’s just who I am. I am also surviving life’s little surprises  everyday. My life is a made for TV movie. I have survived everything from divorce, custody battles, alcoholism, anorexia, abusive relationships, job loss and I’m surviving cancer. The list goes on. My journey isn’t exactly the way I planned it. Every challenge I’ve faced in my life has come as a big surprise. These challenges haven’t been a cakewalk nor have they been easy but the good news is I’m still standing. That constitutes for being being one fierce woman. A force to be reckoned with. 

I’m witty, I’m smart, I’ve raised three wonderful children who I love with all of my heart. I have a big heart. I’m always helping others and I’m always sharing my experiences in the hopes of being an inspiration to others. I’m passionate, loyal, spiritual and I never judge others. I’m always helping those in need. I’m open to trying new things.  I love to fish, I’ve tried hunting and I’ve even rode  on the back of a Harley. I love music, dance, Broadway and the symphony. I love sandy beaches and sunsets, a romantic at heart and I have a story. My story. In my book, that makes me pretty darn fabulous. 

I love to laugh. I always find the humor in any  situation. I poke fun at myself. I write goofy letters to Santa, I tell jokes. In short, I’m one of a kind. When God created me he threw away the mold. There’s only one Velma D and that’s me. The woman writing this blog surviving life every day. 

With that said,  my tag line is perfect! I’m fierce, fabulous and funny. I’m a survivor! It’s who I am and I believe it’s who we all are. There’s a little fierce, fabulous and funny in all of us as we face life’s little surprises.  We have to dig deep to find that person that lives inside all of us. People always say “life is like a box of chocolates”. I disagree. I think “life is like a jawbreaker!”  Chocolate is sweet and yummy but a jawbreaker is hard and requires a lot of patience to get to the “prize”. Such is life.  Life isn’t always easy but if we face our challenges with a fierce and fabulous attitude, we may find ourselves laughing as we make our way to the “prize”. Who knows what the prize is but in the end, we are always left standing and we can say “I survived life’s little surprises”.  



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