I’m Running Away 12-24-15

Remember when we were kids and when things didn’t go our way we’d throw ourselves on the floor and  have a tantrum screaming “I’m running away!”  We’d pack our things and get as far as the neighbors house only to get scared and go home. This morning when I woke up and looked out the window and saw so much snow, I threw myself on the floor and said “Mother! I’m running away!” 

Snow is pretty to look at, especially in photographs but in real life it sucks!! The other night my dear friend posted “it’s snowing. It looks like angels having a pillow fight” I read her post and got up off the couch to go look out the window hoping to see that beautiful pillow fight she wrote about. What I saw was completely different. In fact, I’m not sure what chapter of Alice in Wonderland she was on but the chapter I was on saw an extremely angry Mother Nature going through menopause, having a major hot flash, trying to cool down and was taking it out on earth!!  Oh my goodness.  I wasn’t made for snow. I’ve said it before, snow is to be enjoyed while at a ski lodge, sitting next to a fire, wearing snow pants, a Pendleton turtle neck sweater, awesome snow boots, surrounded by friends telling stories while sipping on cocoa and eating cookies!!!   

This morning the sun was shining but the view in my opinion hadn’t changed. I threw myself on the floor and decided to run away!!  As kids we’d pack our things in a pillowcase like Huckleberry  Finn but we’ve come a long way since then. Some genius created a carry on bag with wheels. I packed my things in my carry on and got dressed. I knew it would be a cold walk so I dressed accordingly. I wore my under amour and topped that off with some great lined leggings (DKNY of course) after all a girls got to look stylish on the run. I wore a Nike long sleeve t-shirt, a Gonzaga sweatshirt and some great Old Navy sweats. I polished off my look with a great pair of white Columbia snow boots accented in purple. I put on my North Face coat stuffed with feathers. I reached out to grab my San Francisco 49er beanie but quickly changed my mind. I wore a fur hat instead. After all, I’m in Washington. Home of the sea chickens. I certainly didn’t want to get attacked wearing my 49er hat especially while running away. 

As I walked out the door with my carry on in tote I said “mother….I’m leaving!” Just like when I was a kid her inconsiderate response was “can you be home by 11? I have a hair appointment.”  I slammed the door and headed out. 

Walking in snow is hard work. Especially when you’re bundled up dressed like the little boy from The Christmas Story. It’s even harder when you’re pulling a carry on bag filled with clothes, a make up bag and a blow dryer. Worse is a carry on has wheels not equipped for snow. But I was determined!  I’m getting out of here!  After about a mile I found myself rather exhausted. I looked out in the distance and saw nothing but white trees and hills and a few houses covered in snow. I was dodging oncoming vehicles and before I knew it, just like when I was a kid I began to want to go home. I had icicles on my eyelids from crying and a frozen runny nose. I knew it would require persistence to finish out the three miles it would require to get home. I pushed myself until finally I saw my mothers house in the distance. I arrived at 10:51. My car was on and my mother was waiting for me at the door with her coat on. Just like she waited for me when I was a kid. She looked at me and said “are you ready? My appointments at 11”. We got in the car and I drove her to appointment. 

I didn’t runaway today, but I wanted to. I’ve opted to stick it out one more month until I fly to Maui. That’s when I’ll run away!!  Somehow running away to a sandy beach seems much more enticing than what I saw today. 

Have a Very Merry Christmas. I’ll leave you with the photos of what I saw today…. The day I almost ran away. And a Bon Jovi tune……runaway.





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