Acts of Kindness 10-8-15

I have a challenge for all of my readers today. I’m on Twitter and Facebook a lot and see so many posts that pertain to acts of kindness. We all want to exude kindness but often times we miss a wonderful opportunity to put our money where our mouth is and display an act of kindness towards those in need.

I often say, I am very passionate about helping those in need or those who are homeless. I’m constantly advocating for others to display an act of kindness by helping someone who is either a friend or simply a stranger.  

I had the wonderful opportunity to help someone in need today. I was at McDonald’s today by the freeway. If you’ve been there lately I’m sure you’ve noticed a young man standing out there with a sign asking for help. He isn’t super clean. He looks run down but guess what? This man has a name and he has a story. As I drove in to McDonald’s to get my regular large sprite with extra ice, I was compelled to order this young man breakfast. Now this isn’t anything new. I did this often while living in San Francisco. I always know I’ve done the right thing by the reaction I receive. Today’s reaction from this man was nothing short of shear gratitude. I took a few minutes to listen to his story.  

His name is Cory. He has a wife and 3 children and he lives in Warden. He injured his back 2 years ago in a boating accident. He’s been fighting SSI ever since. He can barely walk, but every morning his dad drives him to McDonalds to stand outside all day hoping he is able to earn enough money to pay the rent and take care of his family. My heart went out to Cory and especially his young children. We are all 1 day away from the possibility of finding ourselves in the same position. Cory reached out to shake my hand. As he did he said, “God Bless You” I held his hand tight and prayed for him. I left with a lump in my throat as I watched this man begin to cry.
In San Francisco, I spent 3 days a week feeding the homeless. You cannot imagine how many times I heard tragic stories such as this. I believe that as a society we are hesitant to help those standing on a corner with a sign because we have this misconception that all homeless or needy are that way by choice. That’s not always the case, life’s challenges have brought them to this point. But you will never know the story, unless you ask. I have a very sick friend in need. I find it heartbreaking when friends profess their compassion for her but yet never offer to lend her a helping hand. God knows she needs it. But yet we walk around touting all these words of kindness. We talk the talk but miss out on the most important part……walking the walk too.
Now please don’t think I’m posting this blog to receive accolades. I’m actually posting because my challenge to all those reading this today, especially those here in Moses Lake, is to drive to McDonald’s today and help this young man. Your dollar or your act of kindness will go a long way. For my friends in San Francisco, there are homeless people on every block. Take a few minutes to just listen. Help a friend in need. Heck… my friend. It would mean so much to me. Just do something. Remember, the blessing will not be to the one you help, rather the blessing comes from the love that fills your heart after you actually make a difference in someones life. Now that would be a real “act of kindess”

The bible says to love your neighbor. That doesn’t mean the neighbor living in the home next to you. It means we must love everyone. So love your “neighbor” today and help someone in need. A kind word or a simple act of kindness will go along way. The greatest gift is giving the gift of love and kindness to others. Blessings to those of you who do just that. Now that’s my challenge. 


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