Dear Santa 7-29-15

Dear Santa

I have written every year, with the exception of last year, asking for the same thing. One hundred and seventy five pink boxes filled w goodies from Victoria Secret placed beautifully under my Christmas tree. Every year you have not only ignored me, you haven’t brought me diddly squat. I must admit, I’m rather put out by your inconsiderate rude behavior. Jeepers! How hard is it?!! It’s pretty simple. I want everything in the gosh darn store! That includes lip gloss dammit!!! I’m attaching a photo to use as a visual of the style I like. I’m not fond of  boycut panties, but beggars can’t be choosers. I love pink and especially anything black. Love, love love!!! String bikinis are my favorite. I’m a size small and I’m a 32 C. I’d like every thing shipped immediately. FedEx works best. 

So here’s the deal, I’m going to pop an invoice in the mail for everything I’ve had to buy w my own money & am requesting a reimbursement check ASAP! I just bought a bunch of crap last weekend & paid w my own money!!!! Apparently your account has been closed. WTH?!!!! And this Christmas if I don’t wake up to everything pink & beautiful, I’m going to track you down & kick your jolly little ass!!

Love your bestest girl!!

Velma D


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