Recognize The Blessing In Others 7-4-15

I haven’t blogged in a couple of months. I am still trying to heal from the heartbreak over the loss of Ron. It’s certainly been a trying couple of months. I can’t begin to describe the hurt and anguish I feel, however I continue to pray and hold on to the hope that God has a bigger plan for me and who knows, maybe he’ll send me a Brad Pitt look a like to not only restore the love in my heart but bring back happiness once again. 

I’ll admit, I’ve cried a lot, been depressed a lot & a day hasn’t gone by without thinking about and missing Ron. However, while I miss Ron and the life we shared for three years, what I miss the most is St Dominics Church in San Francisco and all the parishioners I grew to love so much. I miss the priests, the sisters, praying at the Shrine of St Jude, the activities but more importantly The Lima Center and all the guests that I was blessed to serve twice a week. 

The Lima Center was created By Sister Anne and is now being run by Sister Colleen. The Lima center provides meals, showers and even much needed clothes and supplies for the homeless four days per week. It’s run by many volunteers. Volunteering was not only a privilege but was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. It was life changing. I can not begin to express the blessing I began to recognize that these guests were to me. I no longer viewed them as homeless people, rather as my friends. Hearing their stories and taking the time to get to know them opened my eyes to be able to view them as the blessings and gods creation that they truly were. I cried many tears. I hugged  them a lot, I laughed with them a lot, I danced with them a lot and they were the ones supported me a lot. My heart was and still is filled with so much love and gratitude for the blessing they brought in to my life.  My heart aches every day waiting for the day I’m able to go back. One might say “I found my calling”. 

I happened to see this video on the Internet today. It brought tears to my eyes as I watched. I’m sharing today because often times we disregard those in need. Especially the homeless. Many of us view the homeless as rif raf or people who are drug addicts or alcoholics and are homeless by choice. From experience I can honestly say this is a bad assumption on our part. Homeless people are not all like that. If we all would just stop and give them a few minutes of our time and just listen, we may find that they are really the blessing to us and not the dollar bill we hand them to make ourselves feel better. 

I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. Their stories were tragic yet their gratitude was bigger than life. Their gratitude made me embarrassed to complain about my challenges & shortcomings.  I met so many people with so many talents that had gone unrecognized because no one gave them a chance. When I saw this video I found myself crying. This man is blessed with a talent most of us dream about. He is amazing and should be gracing the airwaves with his beautiful talent, instead he is homeless. Who knows what his story is. I will never know but I pray that someone will hear him play, take the time to hear his story and give him a chance. 

I have never been one to take tithing seriously, but St Dominics Church and more importantly The Lima center and all the wonderful people there changed my life. I now find it such a blessing to write out that check, pop it in the mail with the hope that somehow I will make a difference. I found my dream job and it costs me money instead of paying me. I’ve never been happier in my life. 

I will be flying to San Francisco at the end of this month for personal reasons. I miss my beloved “City by the Bay” but the best part is I will be landing in time to pick up my rental car and drive to The Lima Center in the hopes of making a difference. However, in my heart I know that the reality is it will be everyone there that will make  a difference in my life. How wonderful is that?!!

I would like to use this platform to encourage everyone to support your local shelters. Be a blessing!!!  If you’re a St Dominics parishioner in San Francisco, please support the church and The Lima Center. You have no idea the difference you will make by doing so. I will warn you that you may go in with the mindset of making a difference in the life of others and be pleasantly surprised when you discover that the real difference is the one the experience will make in yours. Be A Blessing and somehow you’ll find is you become the one who is really blessed. 


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