Kiss And Say Goodbye 4-10-15

Dear Uterus and Ovary

This has got to be the saddest letter I have to write. I’m writing you today because I’ve got a bit of bad news. As of Monday morning, we won’t be together anymore. It’s not you and it’s not me either, but you and I both know we are both getting tired. I’ve been sick and so have you. Despite my apprehension, I know it’s time we say goodbye. Like you, I can’t handle the pain any longer. 

We’ve shared 49 wonderful years together and I’m going to miss you. We’ve had good times, bad times and we’ve fought battles together but as you know, “Cancer” has been chasing after us. We’ve kept her at bay so far, let’s not give her any hope of paying us a visit or infiltrating our unit. I can assure you, once she arrives, she quickly becomes the guest that’s very hard to get rid of.  I’ve nicknamed her “Gum On A Shoe!”

As Monday approaches, I’m filled with sadness, however I find myself reflecting on the memories. We’ve certainly travelled a long hard road, 49 years! I still can’t believe it!!!!  We’ve  fought “Bacteria”, “Yeast”, “Endometriosis” and even those pesky “Ovarian Cysts” together and despite losing “Left Ovary” in one of those fights, we survived. We survived “Aunt Flows” monthly visits. What a nuisance she was. Always arriving unannounced with her entourage from  the “Red Hat Society”, leaving a mess every where we went. How embarrassing. Thank goodness for “Tampax” she was a life saver! We’ve created life together. While some of our creations didn’t survive, three of them did and for that I’m so grateful. Sorry about the three that got caught in your tubes. It wasn’t my fault,  but hey, we managed to save three!  Thank you for letting them stay with you for nine months and thank you for keeping them healthy. I’m forever grateful. 

Like I said, we’ve shared many things together and while it’s hard to say goodbye, you and I both know it’s the right thing to do. So on Monday let’s put our “big girl” pants on and as the anesthesia is being administered, let’s just kiss and say goodbye. Doctor Kardos has assured me she will be very careful. When we awake we will no longer be together. I’ll be in a hospital room and you’ll be in Uterus/Ovarian heaven enjoying paradise. Be sure to never forget me. I’ll never forget you. Thank you again. You’re the best. I chose this song especially for you today. 

Love always,

Velma D


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