Staying Alive 3-31-15

Dear Cancer

Just when I thought I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, you resurfaced and have caused me another scare. Of course, my first reaction was fear, anxiety and a sense to throw in the towel and give up. Fortunately, an army of soldiers came out of nowhere and have joined me in my fight in the way of prayers. You see, my soldiers are an army of prayer warriors who pray relentlessly and have a strong communication with the lord. I feel blessed and confident that you won’t have the last word!! The fear is really yours because my army is well equipped to tackle pesky predators such as you. 

I’m a survivor. I’ve survived many things in my life and I’m proud to say I’ve survived the past year of fighting you too!! Ok….so you’ve brought me to my knees. You’ve made me cry and at times you’ve fought me to the point of wanting to give up and while I know the fight isn’t over, guess what? I’m here today and I’m still standing. I’m “Staying Alive!”  

Today brings a couple of doctors appointments as well as some decisions I will have to make in order to continue in my quest to keep you at bay. My decisions will be based on the love I have for life, my children, family and friends along with a willingness to keep on living!!  I have a busy summer planned. Derek is graduating from high school and heading to Gonzaga, Kaydren will be welcoming my first grandson, Skyler needs some of my unsolicited guidance & my friends need some comic relief that only I can provide with tales of “Life Through The Eyes Of A Dunkin Donut”.  The list goes on and I’m sorry to be a “Debbie Downer” but you’re not invited!  No “Nancy Negatives” allowed!!!!

Today I’ll put on a white suit and wear my best white platform shoes and disco dance my way to my appointments. Like the words from the Bee Gees “I’m going nowhere….I’m Staying Alive!!!” Back off Hot Stuff. I’m coming to get ya and when the fight is over you’ll be the one holding the white flag and I’ll be the one holding a sign that reads “I Beat Cancer!” 

Last but not least, would you tell your friend Satan he can kiss my ass…….my Spanish/Mexican ass at that!  He can take all the pain, hurt, grief & suffering he’s brought in to my life and go back to hell where he belongs. There’s no room for any of those things in my life anymore. Only peace, love, happiness & lots of laughs allowed!!

Once again I write you a letter. I hope that this time you get the message. You’re not wanted around here anymore. Oh…..and PS….I want my hair back!!!!!

Take care

Velma D




2 thoughts on “Staying Alive 3-31-15

  1. That’s my girl! You have a ton of warriors and I will gladly lead that fight and prayer chain for you! As I’ve told you before, you are my hero and sometimes we find heroes in the strangest of places! Keep fighting and we will keep praying! Love to you Velma D!


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