Crazy Things Happen 3-1-15

I always find it interesting and worth sharing when I experience something crazy. This story is no exception. I woke up early yesterday because I had an acupuncture appointment. Like always I walked rather than drive since the office is only a short distance from my home. After my appointment, I decided to walk to Union Square. I’ve been using products from LUSH Cosmetics on my face and hair. I wanted to try their face powder so I decided to walk to the store to buy some. If you haven’t tried LUSH products I highly recommend that you do. The products are Botox in a jar!!!!

When I left the LUSH store I walked past a retail store that always catches my eye.  It’s located on Powell Street a block away from LUSH Cosmetics. The store is called Desigual and always have the brightest window displays. I have seen this dress displayed on the window for the past couple of weeks. Each time Ron & I drive by I silently think “that dress would look great on me!”  I’ve only been to this store once. I loved the store. All the clothes are so colorful and bright that it makes me happy just looking at them, even if only to look at the display on their window. I walked toward the dress. As I suspected, it was awesome & expensive. I had nothing better to do so I decided to try it on. I walked downstairs and asked the sales girl if I could have a fitting room. She was so friendly and cheery. I tried the dress on and walked out of the fitting room to see myself in the mirror. As I thought, the dress was perfect. There was another customer trying on dresses at the same time. She looked at me and said “that dress looks good on you.  You should get it!”  Secretly I wanted to buy it but I knew I couldn’t. I haven’t worked in over a year. The money I have is spent on necessities and bills and certainly not on frivolous purchases such as a dress. The salesgirl came in to the fitting room and said “that dess looks so good on you. You should get it!” I thanked both of them and said “I can’t”.

 I took the dress off and hung it back on the hanger. As I came out of the fitting room the customer who told me I should buy the dress came out wearing a dress. The dress actually looked better than the first one. As she stood in front of the mirror I handed mine back to the salesgirl. She asked if I was going to buy it. I replied “no, I can’t afford it”.  She was so nice and handed me a $10 off voucher saying maybe this will help. I thanked her but despite the discount, I still couldn’t afford the dress. I turned around and told the customer the dress she was wearing looked good and was a much better fit than the previous one. We exchanged feedback when suddenly she said “I have a hard time finding clothes that fit properly. I buy most of my clothes when I’m in Spain” When she said that I suddenly remembered a woman who would shop at Banana Republic when I worked there who said the same thing. She was from India. I asked this woman if she shopped at Banana Republic. She replied “yes, when I’m here!”  I said “I remember you!!  You’re from India. You come to San Francisco once a month for work and you shop at Banana Republic but you prefer shopping in Spain!”  She said “Yes. How did you know that?”  I told the woman I knew because I used to work at Banana Republic and helped her on several occasions. She said she didn’t remember me. I explained it was probably because when I was there I had long hair and she remembered me. I asked her for her name. She replied “my name is Simmee”. I knew then this was the same woman I helped on several occasions. Her name was so unusual when I met her, I never forgot it. She asked me if I was still working at Banana Republic. I explained I had been diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and hadn’t  worked in nearly a year which was the reason I couldn’t buy the dress. I stayed and helped Simmee choose three dresses that complimented her and afterwards the sales girl asked me if I lived in San Francisco. I said “yes”. She asked where I lived. I replied “by the AT&T ball park. The girl looked at me and said “I get off at 2:00 today. I’m going to use my employee discount and buy you this dress. My discount is 50%. If you will meet me here at that time you can pay me back”. I was taken aback by this young ladies kindness and said “you don’t have to do that!”  She replied “I want to. The dress looked so pretty on you I want you to have it!”  I continued to say no but at her insistence I finally agreed. I met her later that afternoon. I paid this young lady and surprised her with some hair products I had from my days working for CosmoProf. She was so happy. I walked home with that dress in a bag and a heart filled with so much gratitude. 

I wore the dress to a surprise birthday dinner for Ron’s friends wife who turned 60 last night. When we arrived a woman walked up to me. I recognized her and she recognized me also. I couldn’t remember from where and neither could she. After talking for a few minutes the woman named Vicky, blurted out “I remember!!!  I met you this week at the Lima center!”  We both had signed up this week to volunteer at the Lima Center to feed the homeless and our first day was Tuesday. We were both shadowing the volunteers and met each other while volunteering together. She asked if I was friends with Rosa. Rosa was the birthday girl. I told Vicky I knew her but she was actually friends with Ron. As it turns out Rosa is Vicky’s best friend. They both grew up together in Lima Peru. Vicky and I both found it to be rather bizarre that we would meet by chance this week and attend the same party. 

A few weeks ago I wrote a story titled The Book of James. I wrote about three different Men who had touched my life with the same name. Jim, the flight attendant I wrote about,  texted me a couple of days ago. He shared he was flying to New York. He also shared the airlines was hiring and he was going to get me an interview to be a flight attendant. I was so touched that he would think of me. Even more bizarre is how I wrote on one of my blogs the other day how I had tried unsuccessfully for many years to become a flight attendant. Am I entering The Twilight Zone?!!!

As I reflect on the crazy things that have happened this week  I recall listening to Joel Osteen on Sirius radio when I was in my car this week. He talked about divine intervention and how people come in to our life for a reason. I’ve certainly had a few interventions this week which leads me to believe that maybe, just maybe God is working in my life and my breakthrough is right around the corner. My situation may seem bleak and overwhelming at this time but maybe it’s true.  God is in control and a new season for Me…….Velma D, is just about to come to fruition. I hope so any way!!! according to my daily affirmation this morning, I am on the right path!!!


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