Northwest Girls 12-10-14

I was listening to this Katy Perry song on the way to acupuncture this morning. I love this song however, I found myself wondering “why are songs always about California Girls & not the real troopers like us girls from the Pacific Northwest?!!!” I decided to change the lyrics a bit. After all, if you ask me, a Washington native, I think we’re all that too!

Lyrics (according to me)

Greetings loved ones. Let’s take a journey

I know a place..,where the grass is really greener. Warm, cold and wild…,there must be something in the water. Sippin’ rum and coke…laying underneath the pine trees. The boys break their necks….try’na to creep a little sneak peek. (At us)


You could travel the world. But nothing comes close to the Pac Northwest. Once you party with us….you’ll be falling in love. Oooh oh oooh

Great Northwest girls we’re unforgettable. Blue jeans, boots, tankinis on top. Sun kissed skin so hot we’ll melt your fudgsickle. Oooh oh oooh

Great Northwest girls we’re undeniable. Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock. Northwest represent! Now put your hands up! Oooh oh oooh

Sex on a field. We don’t mind mud in our stilettos. We freak in our trucks, Big Head Todd on the stereo.



Tone, tan, tough and ready. Turn it up cuz it’s gettin’ heavy. Wild, wild Northwest….these are the girls I love the most. I mean the ones…I mean like she’s the one. Kiss her, touch her, squeeze her. The girls a rock. She drives a truck. The men, the men on the lake…I’m ok…,I won’t play…I love the bait. Just like I love to fish…Banks Lake, Moses Lake & Crescent Bar. Summertime is everything! Come on boys…hanging out. All that….blue jeanies, tankinis, martinis, no weenies. Just to get in betweenie. Velma, my lady… (yeah). You lookin’ here baby?….(uh huh). I’m all up on you, cause you representing the northwest.


Northwest girls….northwest girls……

Here’s To all my Washington gal pals….doesn’t that sound better?!!! California, you ain’t got nothing on us Northwest girls!!! We’re hot, we wear bikinis, we go to the beach, we like to have fun, we wear boots and stilettos
too!!! We’re a force to be reckoned with. So eat you heart out!!



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