Heaven On The 5th Floor 11-17-14

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wish your life was different? The minute you open your eyes you wish that the reality you’re waking up to was only a dream. I have felt like that for 2 years. Every morning I wake up I have wished I wasn’t where I am but rather still at home with my family. Every morning I wake up I pray and ask God to get me out of this reality that has surely become a nightmare. Last Wednesday was no different.

I woke up Wednesday morning and I found myself praying and asking God not only for a “ticket” out of this place but I prayed for people to come into my life that would offer encouragement, direction and guidance. I got out of bed, poured myself a cup of coffee and went and sat down on the couch at this “little house of horrors” I’ve found myself trapped in. I felt very discouraged and hopeless. It wasn’t too much longer when I got my morning text from my old high school friend who reached out to me a few months ago after 30 years and has been my source of encouragement since then. She sends me an encouraging text every morning and in the last few months she’s been instrumental in helping me gain my confidence back. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for having her in my life. On this particular morning the text read “history will continue to repeat itself until we learn the lesson”. This quote not only resonated with me, it hit home.

As I looked back on my life all the way back to the 7th grade, I realized I have been making the same mistake for over 30 years. Fast forward to 2014, I’m in the same boat I’ve always been after something significant has gone awry in my life. Only this time, I’m not only rock bottom, I’m fighting cancer in a strange place with no friends and no family to lean on. I’m in financial disarray and for the first time in my life, I finally realized the lesson. I’ve not only spent a lifetime running away from things or events in my life that have caused hurt and pain but I’ve spent a lifetime choosing men over what’s really important……family, friends and even faith in a higher power to believe would carry me through any situation no matter how bleak it seemed at the time. I read that text again and I finally realized I didn’t need any man in my life to make me happy. Besides, my choices in men, up until now, has not been one of my best attributes. I know how to pick them!!! I realized the only thing I need is the love of family, friends, God and even a love for myself. It was at that moment I asked God for the strength, courage, determination and self confidence to take the first step and get the heck out of here and go home. I even prayed for people to come in to my life that would help me get out of here.

That afternoon I was scheduled for an ultra sound at my get away home…….CPMC medical facility. I had “reservations” for the radiology room on the 5th floor. I arrived at the medical facility and as I walked towards the elevator I happened to notice an older gentlemen walking towards me from the hallway to the right of me. I didn’t think anything of it. I hurriedly raced towards the open elevator to try and reach it before it closed. I was unsuccessful. I said “shoot” out loud as the doors closed. It was at that time I heard a voice talking to me. I looked beside me and it was the older gentlemen who I had seen walking in the hallway. We began a conversation as we waited for the next elevator. His name was Ali. He had been driving to the hospital every day from Vallejo since the previous Friday to be at his wife’s side. His wife had surgery on her heart. The elevator door opened and we both got in. As we took the ride Ali shared he was a Christian minister and asked me for my number so he could text me a scripture every day. I have to admit, I thought it was strange that I would meet a minister, especially after praying that morning. I gave him my card with my email address and phone number. We shook hands and parted ways. Him on the 3rd floor and me on the 5th. I never thought I’d hear from the guy again. After all, I meet so many people all the time. I viewed this meeting as a blessing and a story to write about one day. It wasn’t 20 minutes later when I received a text from Ali with several scriptures. At the end of the text, he wrote “if you ever need prayer, call me”. I was taken aback but I replied. We exchanged texts and he offered so many words of encouragement. I couldn’t help but think maybe God did hear my prayer that morning. The following morning I received another text with a scripture. That afternoon I mustered up the courage and called Ali. He not only offered words of encouragement, he actually prayed for me. He asked me to send him the link to my blog so he could share it on his Facebook page so I did. Friday morning when I woke up I had over 60 visitors and almost 100 page views. The most I’ve ever received in a day since I began blogging a few short months ago. On Friday morning I received a call from a woman named Carol. A friend of Ali’s. She was a cancer survivor. She not only shared her testimony of healing but prayed for me. She encouraged me to call a prayer line that afternoon so I did. I figured, what have I got to lose? I called the prayer line and if you can believe this a lovely woman named Darlene answered. She shared that she had given all her prayer partners the night off but had decided to keep the line open just in case someone called. Not only that, she was from North Carolina. My high school friend who sends me a text every morning is living there. I shared my story. Darlene shared scriptures from the bible with me then began to pray not only for healing for me and my family but for the doors to begin to open for me to go home. We hung up. An hour later, my phone rang. It was my son Skyler. He was calling to tell me him and his sister were buying me a ticket to go home for the holidays. My heart stopped. We are planning a trip for December 20th so I can be home for my son Derek’s senior project. The duration of my stay depends on my radiation schedule that I will receive on Friday when I meet with my doctor. But even if it’s only a few days, I’m not only grateful, I’m beyond excited and feel so blessed. I have to admit, I do have to wonder about all the prayers I have received since I came in to contact with Ali.

There have been so many opportune things that have happened since my meeting with Ali last Wednesday. So many blessings. I can’t help but believe, God heard my prayer last Wednesday and like the verse in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 1 -8, maybe the season is really changing in my life and sunny days are ahead.

I chose this song Heaven On The 7th Floor as one of my songs for the day not because it has any spiritual meaning, rather it was a catchy tune I used to love so many years ago when I was a teenager. My spiritual song for the day is Faithful Is Our God. It’s a beautiful song and gives me hope to believe good days are coming.

I heard many years ago when I was in rehab for alcohol addiction that God speaks to us through people. I believe it’s true. He speaks to us every day. We just have to be still and listen. We also have to be open to the people who come in to our lives at any given moment. It’s hard to do but if we’re open to it, one never knows what blessings will come of that meeting. I’ve had some really great people come in to my life, but just for today I’m going to be thankful for the minister named Ali that I met on my way to the 5th floor!! I believe God was speaking to me that day. Who knows, maybe today my story will be gods way of speaking to you. I hope so anyway.


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