Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer

I’m writing this letter because I think it’s time we go our separate ways. I know this comes as a surprise, after all you’ve been stalking me for the past 4 years as we’ve shared something in common… breast! Don’t take it personal. It’s not you, it’s me. We just don’t have anything in common. We don’t share the same goals. I have a life to live. A life filled with peace, love and happiness. A life surrounded by the people I love. I still have so many things to do. Places to travel to, life experiences to experience and 3 wonderful children I’d like to see grow old. I want to experience grandkids. I want to help others. Inspire others. As you can see, my life doesn’t have room for stalkers and bullies like you that bring so much havoc in to my life and the lives of others. You need to go away and stay away!

I’ve been trying to get rid of you since April. Have a clue. I rolled out the big guns in June and began slowly but surely poisoning you with chemotherapy. Fighting me every step of the way, you’ve not only put up a good fight but you’ve brought me to my knees. You’ve proved to be my toughest challenger yet. But I’m not done yet. Today will be my last poisonous attack on you and while my tactic has been hard on me and has kicked my ass, I’ve taken solace knowing it’s been kicking your ass too!!! I have a year of attacks up my sleeve. My advice is roll out the sunscreen, you’re going to need it. If the poison hasn’t got you radiation and Herceptin certainly will. I am prepared to fight you every step of the way until you finally succumb to leaving and never coming back. I should probably mention I’m not alone. No Siree! I’ve got myself a partner. His name is Jesus and last I checked he’s a heck of a lot stronger than you’ll ever be. So let’s agree to part ways. It’s over between you and me.

Today is Halloween. My character to strive to be will be Superman as I prepare to get in the ring to engage in yet another round of fighting you. In the words of Mohammed Ali “I’m lean, I’m mean and I’m a fighting machine!” That’s right!! This “superwoman” is coming to get you. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings and before this year is over, the bells will be ringing and the fat lady will be singing my song of victory as I finally know I’ve beat you and you’ve gone away.

Thanks for the memories. It’s been real. I’m becoming a better person and stronger person for it!! When this fight is over you’ll know you messed with the wrong bitch!!!! But don’t worry, I won’t forget you as I’ll carry the scars of all the battle wounds you’ve left behind as a reminder that I never want you back.

Take Care

Velma D



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