Super Foods. 8-28-14

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot lately about the way to good health is incorporating a super food diet in to your life. Its the latest craze. Not knowing much about this I have yet to jump on the band wagon. I met a gentlemen the other day at the beach. His name was Bob and he moved to Maui from Aberdeen Washington. It was 5:00 in the afternoon. For some reason when Ron and I are in Maui we have an afternoon ritual that includes having a cup of coffee and sharing a poppy seed muffin. I guess it’s our “tea time”. The coffee we share includes 4 little half and half ‘s and 10 packages of sugar and our muffin includes everything that screams sweet and yummy. One would think that to be a “super” sugar overload but I’m telling you, it’s not too bad. Yes I get a little bloated and gassy from the gluten but again, not too bad. The wind picks up in the afternoon in Kehei and gets rather chilly so we like to warm up with a cup of coffee as we prepare to watch the sunset at the beach. I met Bob as I was walking out of the convenience store at the Mana Kai walking back to the beach w my interpretation of “super foods”. For some reason Bob struck up a conversation with me and walked back to the beach with me. I introduced him to Ron. Bob told us he moved to Maui. 4 years ago from Aberdeen after the recession hit. He had a restoration construction company. He took a chance and moved to Maui. He changed his attitude, job and his eating habits. The result is he’d lost 70 lbs and had more energy at the age of 60 than he did when he was 30. Wow!!!! Naturally we wanted what Bob had so as we ate our muffin and washed it down with our coffee we asked Bob. “How did you do it?!” He said he eliminated stress and went on a super food diet. We asked Bob what that included. He replied “look it up on the Internet”. I would imagine Bob was thinking. “You 2 don’t strike me like the super food type”. Bob went and sat down so immediately I rolled out my iPhone and looked up super foods. I found a list of 50 super foods. The list included many of the foods I already enjoy and love. For instance, almonds. I love almonds especially when they are covered in chocolate and wrapped in a Hershey Bar wrapper. Salmon. I love it grilled with mangos on top. Mangos are on the list and if you’re like me, there’s nothing yummier than. ” mango” salsa. Broccoli goes well with Hollandaise Sauce and kale is even better smothered in Caesar Salad Dressing. Chia Seeds were on the list. I’m not a fan. I had a fruit smoothie not long ago and my stomach blew up like a balloon. I was convinced I had a “Chia” Pet growing inside. No thanks!!!!Avacados are even better as guacamole. As I reviewed the list I realized there was something missing. Cake , donuts, croissants, prime rib, pizza, Almond Joy and poppy seed muffins. Yikes!!! If you ask me, these should be on the list too!!! These foods are Super too!!! Super yummy!!! I can see why Bob dumped. 70 lbs!!! He’s deprived himself of anything yummy. Poor guy, he’s been starving himself. What’s up with that. I’m going to give this super food diet a try. I’ve never followed anything in my life so I don’t intend to start now. I will be eating these foods with a little “Velma” twist. Who knows maybe I’ll write my own recipe book!!!!


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