Aloha…..But Not Goodbye 8-27-14

I left Maui today and flew home to San Francisco. The past 3 weeks in Maui have been awesome. I love Maui!! Maui feels like my second home. When I arrived 3 weeks ago I was very sick. Chemo had taken it’s toll. I was stressed, depressed and no longer had the strength to keep going. I was flat broke and still am. But it doesn’t cost money to walk the beaches, swim in the ocean or enjoy the sunsets and enjoy the paradise Maui has to offer. I am so grateful to Ron and his generosity to take me to paradise to heal. Maui is a very spiritual and healing place. From what I’ve been told by the locals, Maui loves you or it spits you out. For me Maui was a blessing. My saving grace. I met so many wonderful people and have made so many friends. God was good to me while I was there. I had many chance meetings and experiences that even I could only attribute them to a divine higher power. I left Maui with a heavy heart and a strong desire to return very soon. I also left with a positive spirit and a determination to beat cancer. Life is short. It’s important to live life to the fullest. Enjoy life and be grateful for the people around you. I’m grateful for my family, children, friends (old and new), Ron and the experiences I’ve been blessed to share. Maui led me to some wonderful people who I now call my friends. Kailani was the first person I met when I arrived at the airport. She worked there. We met by chance. We began talking and had an instant connection. As it turned out she was Willie K’s cousin. Willy K is a famous Hawaiian singer. She has appeared in many movies including Big Trouble In Little China. She was also studying to become a preacher. Kailani prayed for me that day and reached out to me many times while in Maui. I met a Russian girl named Oksana from New York. She gave me a book on Chakra and taught me how to meditate. Meditating is really helpful. We are friends and talk to each other every day. I saw the most magnificent shooting star I’ve ever seen while praying, I met so many people from Washington state, California and many strong women who are cancer survivors. I was blessed to meet Kevin & Russell and I even had the chance to spend time with my ex boyfriend Brian’s sister and husband who happened to be in Maui the first week I was there.

Yesterday I was at the beach and there were so many birds. I would throw crumbs on the grass at the Mana Kai and feed them occasionally. At one point I was eating chips and gazing out in the ocean taking in the beauty it had to offer. I was thinking about my kids and silently praying when I felt something on my arm. When I looked I was taken aback to see a bird had landed on my arm and was resting on it. I was startled and so was the bird and it flew away. I have to admit I couldn’t believe it!!!

When we arrived at the airport Ron dropped me off with our bags and went to return our rental car. A Polynesian airport worker by the name of Terry came over to ask me if I’d like to check our bags in. I told him I couldn’t since we hadn’t checked in for our flight and Ron had gone to return our car and I didn’t have his ID. Terry said ” no problem”. He checked us in and took our bags anyway. I kept telling him the bags might be too heavy. Terry said “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”. He did!! He got us checked in, he took care of our bags and by the time Ron returned all we had to do was go through security and go to our gate. Now here’s the crazy part. Can you believe Terry was Willy K’s cousin and he works with Kailani. What are the chances?!!

Going to Maui was a blessing. I returned to San Francisco feeling healthy again. My finances are still in disarray. I’m broke. I can’t work but I came home rich in many blessings and miracles. I even came home with all of the study materials I need to take my real estate exam in Hawaii before the end of the year. I love San Francisco but it’s not my home. I knew it the minute we were crossing the Bay Bridge on our way home. Washington is my home and it’s where I belong. I hope to call Maui my second home one day very soon. I know I belong there too. San Francisco, not so much. While I love the beauty of San Francisco it’s apparent the city doesn’t love me back. Like the natives of Maui say. “San Francisco keeps spitting me out!” I don’t have the spiritual connection that I feel when I’m home or in Maui. Maybe the universe was reaching out to me in Maui saying “it’s time to go home”. My next treatment is on Friday. I have 3 left after that. With any luck I’ll get lucky and like my visit to Maui the universe will send people, experiences and opportunities my way that will open the door and finally take me home. Miracles happen every day. I’ve experienced them. Sometimes in life we have to hit rock bottom and go through some really hard trials. It the pits and at times we find ourselves disillusioned and wanting to give up but right before we do a divine intervention happens and the next thing we know we no longer have control of the wheel. We let go and let god. Once we do it’s amazing how everything works out. I heard a saying the other day. ” I did it my way & I landed in AA!” I thought it was funny. I’ve been doing things my way and I’m not only in AA, I’m in cancer A, chemo A, rock bottom A. I’m in every. “A” there is to be in. I think it’s time to let go and do things gods way. What do you think?


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