Kate Gosselin 8-19-14

The Internet has been buzzing about Kate Gosselin. It began with Kate being spotted with her twins & her trusted bodyguard at a concert. Next she was caught on camera with her kids in Boston being followed by a camera crew. Of course the rumor mill is still swarming about her alleged affair with Steve. It’s been the buzz for 5 years. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. Clearly Kate is bumping nasties with her bodyguard & undoubtedly has been for years. Probably pre-divorce from that Cracker Jack idiot ex- husband of hers. Now there’s another joke. I’d like to call Kate’s alleged affair her best kept secret. Or so she thinks. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! Please!!!! Does America really believe Kate has gone “nun” on us for 5 years?!!! And when I use the term “nun” I simply mean is America to believe that Kate has been getting “Nun” since 2009?!!! Honestly. That makes me laugh. Even more hilarious is this. Why does Kate need a bodyguard?! She isn’t exactly a star or someone of great importance like Angelina Jolie (in my opinion a real star & an example of a very strong woman) My gosh, Kate’s a nurse who had 8 children, landed a reality show where we got to see her treat everyone around her, her Cracker Jack husband included, like dirt. Who cares?!!! She’s a horrible person!!! I was so thankful the day her show was cancelled. I feel sorry for her kids!!!! As if we haven’t had enough of this woman I read today TLC has ordered more episodes of the infamous Kate & her 8 children. Wow!!!! Is TLC that desperate?! Worse are we Americans so desperate that we’d be willing to watch that train wreck of a show?!! Have a little sympathy for her goofy kids who are going to grow up with a lot of issues!!!!What ever happened to sitcoms like the Carol Burnett Show, I Love Lucy, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Eddies Father, That Girl…..you know the TV Shows we grew up on. Now every network features a reality show. The Kardashian’s is my favorite. Famous for nothing other than exposing their “not so real” life. I have an idea. If TLC is desperate and would like a real reality show, no script allowed, they can give me a call. I have a “real” life reality that will knock them off their feet. Heck I’ll let them film me for free. My reality show is sure to blow the ratings out of the ball park. Am I looking for fame? No way!!! I’m just a woman surviving life’s little surprises every day. My life is real. Sometimes I wish it was a dream & I’d wake up and everything would be peaches and cream but that’s not real life. Real life is going through life, persevering through adversities & being grateful for the good and the bad. My life has been interesting. Today it’s challenging & more often than not when I feel like giving up I remind myself tomorrow is a new day. I don’t have a body guard, although sometimes I wish I did to ward off my ex, I certainly don’t have a cable network paying my way and/or exploiting me or my children. I’m broke. I’m not on television, even though I should be, but what I do have is a life to call my own. I’m a little quirky, I cry a lot, I laugh a lot, I worry a lot and I dream a lot but who doesn’t?! I have a big heart and I’m constantly thinking of others. My reality hasn’t been caught on camera but if it ever is…. I’m sure to captivate every person in America w my very relatable real life. I’ve been through it all. Divorce, alcoholism, abuse, anorexia/bulemia blah blah blah but I don’t stand alone in the crowd. Even better is I’m a survivor, an overcomer and last I checked I’m still ticking!!!! Now that my friends is real life. A reality show worth watching!!!!


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